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Manmachine - Sharks & Laser Beams Remixes

We are very delighted to present you this power packed remixes EP to the orginal track by Manmachine called Sharks & Laser Beams . The EP features 3 very unique remixes by french power packed duo Maitika bringing in very groovy signature bouncy approach followed by Manmanchine himself this time tweaking his original track by changing the overall atmosphere and finally by Sabretooth giving a very driving psychedelic full on take on the Original

Artist : Manmachine
Release : Sharks & Laser Beams Remixes
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :02.11.2015
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Maitika Remix)
  2. Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Manmachine Remix)
  3. Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Sabretooth Remix)

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