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Various Artists - Universal Progressions

In times when people talk about obituaries about genres and are saying that psychedelic progressive is going dead, we took up Inspiration and challenge to put up a compilation staying true to day time melodic, driving & very groovy progressive vibe. 

Universal Progressions showcases some of the very established artists alongside some very fresh talents emerging from around the world. Expect a sun-drenched, day-time, dust rising experience!

Artist : Various Artists
Release : Universal Progressions
Catalog : DOPDIGI174
Beatport Date :25.03.2019
Other Store Date :08.04.2019

Track List
  1. Roger Rabbit  - Last Day (Original)
  2. Tristate - Logic Levels (Gipsy Soul Remix)
  3. Kalki - Sun God (Original)
  4. Starseed - Digital Udgitha (Original)
  5. Divination - Change Your Life (Original)
  6. Dual Resonn...

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