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NitroDrop - The Truth

The Truth is a very objective thing, so is the music but Truth is that which is beyond the purview of time, that which is constant and non changing unlike the Music that is always changing and evolving with Truth in Itself . Digital Om Productions is presenting you to the new release a 2 track Ep by the Israeli dou "NitroDrop" called "The Truth" . This release is a fine example that Music will always evolve and keep changing with having Truth in Itself. This release holds some extraordinary secrets that may lead you to the path for finding your true inner self . Hope through this release and vibrations emitted from it you all will find your own True Self. The Ep also features a collaboration track with Roger Rabbit who along with NitroDrop is one of the most sought after progressive emerging talent coming out from the Magical Lands of Israel.

Artist : NitroDrop
Release : The Truth
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :31.03.2014
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. Nitrodrop - The Truth (Original Mix)
  2. Nitrodrop & Roger Rabbit - Extremly Well (Original Mix)

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