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Djantrix - Teardrops

Martin Georgiev from Macedonia known under the name DJANTRIX riding high on spirits and inspiration after receiving massive support on his previous releases brings you his brand new Ep called TEARDROPS on Digital Om Productions. Teardrops consisting of 2 very fresh tracks with title track Teardrop speaking of Martins aggressive sound design technique strictly aimed for bringing a Dust Storm on the Dancefloor while the other track which is Remix to serbian immensely talented Imaginarium showcases the Maturity that Djantrix has reached in the recent times making his production a very balanced mix of new production techniques put together with the old school influences aiming to bring a mix of pure power packed dancefloor oriented highly Psychedelic Sounds

Artist : Djantrix
Release : Teardrops
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :31.08.2015
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. Djantrix - Teardrops
  2. Imaginarium - Insider (Djantrix Remix)

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