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Middle Mode - Reborn

Life is an endless cycle of souls, swirling along the path of the universe, being reborn, but never truly dying before being reborn again. Their comes a moment in our life we feel we have evolved from one level of consciousness to a more higher level. With more understanding of ourself and the universe within and around us. After a lot of exploration to find their own true self . Middle Mode comprising of two young talented musicians from Serbia have finally arrived to a point where they are in sync with the themselves and the Universe.

Their new ep is bringing a new way of vibration going deeper into psychedelic sounds with more emotional atmospheres put together with with very futuristic production techniques which will bring forward a sound that will bring more light to the dancefloor and will help people to reach more higher consciousness.

Artist : Middle Mode
Release : Reborn
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :19.05.2014
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. Middle Mode - Reborn (Original Mix)
  2. Middle Mode - Back To Self (Original Mix)

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