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Genesia - Mysterium Comsmographicum

Genesia strikes back with this dashing release! An EP that has been called Mysterium Cosmographicum due to its spooky & enigmatic vibe. It includes a track named as the EP which shows what Erick and Antonio have exactly wanted to produce for the deep Psyprogressive admirers, an amazing cosmological tune that demonstrates how an obscure classic track must be created. The second one is a remix to the Top Notch artists Vertical Mode, definitely a high-quality monster tool for any set that¿s going to be played in several stages around the globe, a mature way to mutate the huge original track "Virtual Object" into a great Genesia's elegant and sophisticated version.

Let the Mysterium Cosmographicum go through your ears until the most profound part of your brain to see how those nerve cells react to this smashing release. We are sure a positive and delightful feeling will make you listening to this EP over and over again!

Artist : Genesia
Release : Mysterium Comsmographicum
Catalog : DOPDIGI107
Beatport Date :07.08.2017
Other Store Date :21.08.2017

Track List
  1. Genesia - Mysterium Cosmographicum (Original)
  2. Vertical Mode - Virtual Object (Genesia Remix)

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