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Djantrix - Mindtrix

Since his debut release in 2015 Djantrix has been pushing the boundaries and taking psychedelic music to new heights. Already recognised as one of the progenitors of psychedelic trance, he traversed through various sounds and has carved a unique style with his musical mastery while being one of the most prominent names in the current psytrance scene.

Now after having spent enormous studio hours Djantrix has finally unleashed his highly anticipated and long-awaited debut album titled Mindtrix.

Artist : Djantrix
Release : Mindtrix
Catalog : DOPDIGI301
Beatport Date :01.04.2022
Other Store Date :15.04.2022

Track List
  1. Djantrix - Hidden Princess (Original)
  2. Djantrix - Future is Now (Original)
  3. Djantrix - Freezing Questions (Original)
  4. Djantrix - Humans (Original)
  5. Djantrix - Mindtrix (Original)
  6. Djantrix & Spirit Architect - Shadows (Original)
  7. Djantrix - Guardian of Souls (Original)
  8. Djantrix & Modual - Time of Fear (Original)
  9. Djantrix - Untouchable Space (Original)
  10. Djantrix - Shine (Original)

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