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NitroDrop - Krishna Valley

After 2 very successful Eps with Digital Om Productions the super smashing duo of Gil Dagan known majorly as Nitro & Dima Gafner as IDrop are back to their joint avatars under the name NitroDrop to release a super energising Ep titled Krishna Valley with their home label Digital Om Productions. Krishna Valley Ep is the result of their recent tours to Australia & India which have left them in a very spiritual space which they further want to explore. This release has 3 original track with one being a collaboration with long lost Israeli talent Syllabass. Expect nothing but pure energy from this phat release which will take u further deeper in a Spiritual Mode!

Artist : NitroDrop
Release : Krishna Valley
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :30.03.2015
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. NitroDrop & Syllabass - Krishna Valley (Original Mix)
  2. NitroDrop - Tripping On Acid (Original Mix)
  3. NitroDrop - You Know Us (Original Mix)

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