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Stryker - Ilbechin

Barthélémy Bayona, well known as one half of legendary XSI project has a long standing relationship with Digital Om and so its is our great pleasure to finally release an EP with his solo project as Stryker.

This EP is a double collaboration with 2 different artists from different walks of life. A veteran and seasoned DJ and Trance producer from Argentina; Javier Bussola and Digital Om's own and upcoming producer from India; StarLab.

Expect nothing but cutting edge production technique and high energy, uptempo vibes that will take you on journey through mystical soundscapes dipped in psychedelic goodness.

Artist : Stryker
Release : Ilbechin
Catalog : DOPDIGI092
Beatport Date :06.03.2017
Other Store Date :20.03.2017

Track List
  1. Stryker And Starlab - Ilbechin
  2. Stryker And Javier Bussola - CLSD

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