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Arhetip & Solaris Vibe - Angaraka Remixes

Mars is also called ANGARAKA 'one who is red in colour' whose colour is like blood. He is the god of war and is celibate. He is considered the son of the Earth Goddess.

Digital Om Productions brings you a blasting Remix Ep to their previously released super hit track ANGARAKA by SIDEFORM. The Ep is featuring 2 Remixes one super groovy and driving by the Serbian Duo of ARHETIP and other one very uplifting and hypnotic atmospheric by SOLARIS VIBE from Israel.

Artist : Arhetip & Solaris Vibe
Release : Angaraka Remixes
Catalog : None
Beatport Date :24.08.2015
Other Store Date :None

Track List
  1. Sideform - Angaraka (Arhetip Remix)
  2. Sideform - Angaraka (Solaris Vibe Remix)

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