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Lunatica - A New Point Of View

This is it! A New Point Of View. The album I’ve been creating during the last year.
Thanks to all the artists whose let me express my musical art thru a new vision of their work, in the form of this remix album where I have put all my best ideas, feelings, intentions. I really wish you will connect to this journey. Thanks to Bart from Stryker Mastering for a brilliant mastering work, Fahd from On Seed Collective for such a beautiful artwork and my beloved family and home label Digital Om for making this path together. Especially thanks to all the people who follow my work, you are a big part of my inspiration every day.

Artist : Lunatica
Release : A New Point Of View
Catalog : DOPCD010
Beatport Date :11.12.2017
Other Store Date :25.12.2017

Track List
  1. Waio & Hujaboy - Synesthesia (Lunatica Remix)
  2. Imaginarium - Axioms of Change (Lunatica Remix)
  3. Altruism - Dreamers of Dream (Lunatica Remix)
  4. Spirit Architect - Morning Glory (Lunatica Remix)
  5. Lupin...

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