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Fast gaining popularity in the french psychedelic scene is Maïtika, a Psytrance Progressive Project Created by two young producers Jocelin Varlet & Nicolas Lavenue, old friends sharing the same passion for music since their childhood.

In 2013 they decided to create the Maïtika project to mix their desires, enrich their knowledge and share their vision of music with the world. Their productions have since then been turning heads around the world and took to the notice of renowned label from India, Digital Om Productions who they joined ranks with as label live act. Now with a few massive releases and collaborations they are ready to present their live and original set to the world.

Maitika live @ Shankra Festival 2016

Maitika live @ Cosmic Train Paris 2016

Maitika @ Psymind - Marseille France - 14 Jan 2017

Maitika Live at Transubtil Psymind Party - France - Jan 2017

Maitika live at Buena Onda Festival, France

Maitika live at Switzerland, 2017

Maitika at Maya Moon, France 2017

Maitika live at WAO Teaser Party by Shroom, France 2017

Maitika at Drak'Art 2017 Grenoble, France

Maitika Live @ Psynergy 2017, Toulouse

Maitika vs Starlab at Son Libre Festival 2017, France

Maitika at Demon d'Or Festival 2017, France

Maitika Live @ Démon d'Or Festival 2017, France

Maitika at Shankra Festival 2017

Maitika at Shankra Festival 2017

Maitika live at Forest Soul Gathering 2017, Portugal

Maitika Live @ Resgate da Natureza, Brazil

Maitika at Sadhu Tree of Soul Festival, Brazil 2017

Maitika live at Imaginaire Festival, France 2017

Maitika at "trans in dance" by TED records in Toulouse, France

Maitika at Antaris Project 2018, Germany


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