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Since their very first psytrance parties more than ten years back in time the Berliners Kevin Hentschel and Rafael Gomez never stopped experimenting with electronic sounds. Alongside multiple excursions into various sub-genres, own label activities and many open air- and club events the two friends concentrate since 2012 on the production of driving psychedelic trance music. After some releases in Spain and further mindblowing experiences while playing large festivals — such as the Fusion Festival — the two musicians re-invented their sound — and themselves — as „Atacama“. Sometimes mysterious, always complex and preferential driving Atacama carry off their listeners in spheres between bygone experiences and oncoming promises where myths and reality, rhythm and movement merge into a cosmic unity.

Atacama live at Electric Octopus - Portugal - Jan 2017

Atacama live at Kunayala Productions - Electric Octopus Party - Portugal Jan 2017

Atacama live at Experience Festival 2016-17, Thailand

Atacama at Flow In the Snow, Austria 2017

Atacama at Mundo de Oz 2017, Brazil

Atacama at Hai in den Mai Festival 2018 - Germany

Atacama at Reisefieber Scheltenpass Festival 2019

Atacama Live for IWM & Goa Universe: May 2021 : Full Set HD


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